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Procedure to use E Banking

Step1:- Enter Customer Code
Step2:- Enter 1st Password ( as provided by ICFC)
Step3:- Your password must be atleast 6 characters. (password must have alphabets , numbers, and special characters like @,#,%,$)
Step4:- System prompt you to change change the 1st Password.
Step5:- Enter 2nd Password.
Step6:- System prompt you to change change the 2nd Password.
Step7:- Atlast the customer is ready to use E banking facility.

Maximize Internet Banking Security:

  1. You need to enter your Internet Banking User id and password each time you access your internet banking account. Since your access is protected by this password it is very important that you protect your password, by making it known ONLY to you.
  2. The system prompts you to change the password on first time login.
  3. Your password must be atleast 6 characters.
  4. Passwords are case sensitive.
  5. Your internet banking account is locked in case of 3 wrong tries on entering user id and password.
  6. Change your password regularly.
  7. Ensure that you are not observed while entering the password.
  8. Never leave your computer unattended while you are logged in to
  9. Always Logoff from Internet Banking upon completion of your session. Use the Log out button for closing the session.
  10. Always log out of when you have finished your activities.

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