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Following are the Remittance partners of ICFC
  1. World Link Money Transfer
  2. IME (International Money Express)
  3. Western Union Money Transfer
  4. Samsara
  5. Prabhu Money Transfer
  6. United Remit
  7. CFS (Continental Financial Service)
  8. Money Grame
  9. EZ Remit
  11. First Remit (International Cash Transfer)
  12. INSTANT CASH (Global Money Transfer)

How to send Money

  1. Go to our remittance correspondents.
  2. Fill in a form provided by them.
  3. Full name, address and your telephone number (sender)
  4. Clearly mention the amount you are transferring
  5. Full name, address and telephone number of the beneficiary/receiver.
  6. Provide account number of the beneficiary, if available.
  7. Remitting correspondents will give you a secret number that should be provided to the beneficiary (person receiving money) in Nepal.

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