Recurring Deposit, commonly known as ICFC Kramik Muddati Khata, is a unique term-deposit that is offered by ICFC. Recurring Deposits are flexible in most aspects and an account holder can choose to invest a fixed amount each month while earning decent interest on the amount. This product is an ideal saving-cum-investment instrument.

Features :

  • Interest Rate of  12.35%
  • Minimum monthly deposit of Rs 500 and maximum up to multiples of the same.
  • Tenure Minimum of 1 year, maximum upto 10 years.
  • Fixed  installment amount.
  • Fixed Interest rates for the selected tenure.
  • Interest rates equivalent to prevailing 1 year FD rate.
  • Deposit should be made on subsequent month from the date of account opened till the period of maturity or on chosen date by customers themselves on regular monthly basis.
  • Age limit upto 65 years only.
  • Loan facility qualifies for up to 90% post 3 months deposit *
  • Lump sum amount in return.
  • And many more Auxiliary services  for free.*
       * T&C's apply, lockers subject to availability 

 Target customers:

  • Minor account holders.
  • Contact gained via various means such as D2D, interest raised functions, various health camps.
  • Students, employees of different institutions, existing saving customers, housewives.

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